At Bass River we have focused on two key technology areas, less addressed in the tennis industry: Electronic Scoring Systems and Digital Signage.

Electronic Scoring System

Our Patent Approved Electronic Scoring System (ESS) is software developed internally by the Bass River Tennis Club and is now being marketed to other clubs. The system allows player(s) to enter the game score information on an iPad quicker than flipping the cards at the side of the court. This enables the system to be integrated within the game and not interfere or delay the flow. Once the score and video information is captured, the information is available for all local and remote people to view such as:

• On-court players watching teammates during breaks;
• Remote viewers, like teammates or parents; or
• Club Personnel checking in on some matches.

An iPhone or iPad version of the software has been developed for members.

View the ESS Website
Our ESS System is available for licensing.

Bass River is very proud to be licensing this software to other clubs that want to bring the software to their members. For a more detailed overview, click here.

Digital Signage

Our Digital Signage software developed in-house allows the entry area to become a major information hub for our members and staff. It highlights information about our team, accomplishments of our members and provides videos and key information about the events at the club.  Finally, assuming the club has installed the ESS system and cameras, it can show the video and scores on a selected court, or the scores for all courts. The system is flexible and is continually updated to ensure fresh information is included.