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Bass River Tennis Club structures its team programs in the following manner: All Ladies teams at Bass River will have tryouts prior to each season. These tryouts will be available to all players who wish to participate. Our teams are selected from the tryout results and placed in order of their tryout finish. Tryouts are mandatory and there will be no exceptions. You do not have to be a member of BRTC to tryout; however, you must join immediately upon making the team. Click here for a membership details and an application PDF.

Once tryouts have been completed and teams are placed, movement in playing order for teams will be based on performance in match play. Ed LeDuc will track the point system for each team and notify captains and players of changes in line-up. This criterion will be maintained throughout the season. Bass River requires teams to practice. Our expert teaching staff will provide valuable insights to help raise your game to a higher standard. We feel that this enhances our staff / member camaraderie. All Bass Rivers teams are made up of club members only. No exceptions are made. Team captains will coordinate the selection and purchase of team uniforms should a team wish to do so.

Please sign up with a partner on one of our North Shore Tennis League Tryout sign-up sheets. If you do not have a partner contact our Tennis Connector by clicking here. We will do all we can to assist you in securing a partner.
For information on the USTA National Rating System (NTRP), click here
Check out the North Shore League website,

Thank you in your interest in our Bass River Tennis Club teams. We look forward to seeing you on the court!