CEO, Owner

Mark Greenberg

During the past several years we have continued to invest to make BRTC a model for all tennis clubs. We have updated the physical site, ensured the courts are in top condition, and added state of the art technology. As a life-long technology consultant, I am particularly proud of our electronic signage system and our Electronic Scoring System (ESS) which we developed in house and are now marketing to other clubs. One day soon, I expect many tennis clubs will be using the scoring system we developed and have all the benefits of the system. My love for the game continues. Although I am a perennial 3.0 player, I enjoy / have enjoyed watching the pros, as well as college, high school, and league playing – especially when its’ been my kids or my team (the Bass River Men’s B1) playing. My oldest grandchild is ready to play at the club and I can’t wait. ESS will let me watch my granddaughter play in the future from wherever I am. With our Member’s App on iPhone and Android devices, I don’t have to miss any of her home matches or lessons. The Member’s app is available to all members of clubs that have licensed the ESS system. I hope you enjoy the system as much as I do.

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